Sunday, January 11, 2015

Master in UPM (Part 1)


( in english - grammar terabur)

My life is so unpredictable. I have a lot of things to do and a lot of responsibilities. I don't know. May be, because of  i like to take that chance (continue study) or it is may be 'ketentuan tuhan' for my life . I like to have a lot of responsible. yeahh. Sometimes...

So, last year in 2014 before graduate ( in degree), i am decided to continue my studies in UPM. I applied for a few courses at different universities in Malaysia such as (UPM, USIM,UKM). In August 2014, I got an offer to continue my study in Master Food Safety and Quality Assurance. Actually, i do not interested  in  food safety .In my mind, "What is safety-safety?. I just only knew about food". Gosh.!!  However, only this course  related to food and I think it is easy to score in exam .Hehe. * Hopefully this reason is acceptable . * .Before i totally involved myself  whether in food science industries or studies, I actually prefer to be a professional make up artist or singer. Top singer. Yes! very top !Top- top meletop !! :D . Unfortunately,  I do not have nice voice and lack of make up skills, so i decided to forget all my precious dreams. Sad. But it is true fact. However, thanks to Allah because all of these (things that happen to me), my life became much better than I expected. Thank to Allah again.

About my master at UPM. I intended to share with others who want to know the flow of application for postgraduate in UPM . May be a lot of question appear in your mind right now . Right ? Such as ' What is actually the minimum rate for the CGPA to make us able to get an offer ?. How to apply MyBrain. How to apply MARA. All of those things that related to money, hostel and anything,  I glad  to share here.If anyone interested to hear  about that, just comment below or pm tepi (facebook message) so i will know.

Cau Cin Cau.

Note : Lets being someone better.

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