Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Wishlist - 2015


 Actually aku ade banyak impian nak tulis. OK. Aku tak tahu tercapai atau tak . Tapi aku rase kalau aku tulis kat sini buat hape. Tapi aku tengok orng dok tulis dalam blog ni mcm syioook gile dowh. Sume tercapai. Gile jeles haku. OK. Aku nak buat 30 things i must do before graduate. But, this just my few wishlist before graduate. 

  1. Buat art ( real art ) with water colour.
  2. Get the ideal weught . which is 43 kg. * very nice i thing *
  3. Get a passport
  4. Visit indonesia
  5. Have a lot of saving 
  6. Have two types experience in job
  7. Can speak and write well in terengganu and klate
  8. Can speak and write well in mandarin
  9. Find love
  10. Continue reading al-quraan and terjemahan
  11. Attend professional course that will improve my resume. 

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